1,2,3… Setup Instructions

Instructions and possibilities

Charter Manager App

Download CMA (Google Play or AppStore)

Login with the Crew account

  • Start using the app

Add pictures to the vessel:

  • On the Main screen
  • Choose Check-in module button
  • Select Vessels (on the right top corner)
  • Wait for the data to load
  • Choose vessel you wish to add pictures
  • Choose Category/Item > Edit
  • Click Edit and Slide the Screen left
  • Take Photos (add discription or location)
  • SAVE Change

The Charter App

Download TCA (Google Play or AppStore)


  • Create New Account
  • Add Booking by one of these options:
    • Click on a booking link
    • Add Booking – QR Code
    • Manually – key Booking ID
  • Fill out My profile (via icon MORE)
  • Submit Crew List (Booking Tab > Crew List module > Add Crew List > Select > Submit)
  • Review app and its data (know your vessel)

WEB Portal


  • Add Company Logo
  • Add check-in and check-out text
  • Add Base phone number
  • Check Vessels
  • Add users, and permissions for:
  • The Portal (fleet or base)
  • The App (Edit or no Edit)
  • Review other options



CMA Board Info