ManagerApp GDPR and
Privacy Policy

As GDPR and Policy Terms are usually long and not always easy to read we are providing a short version of the most important facts; how ManagerApp is protecting Yours and Your Clients Security and Personal Data.

Who are we?

The ManagerApp Company, the designer, developer, and carrier of the Charter Manager App, The Charter App, and the Charter Owner App, is a part of the Interblock gaming group, the world’s finest manufacturer of electronic table games, with over 29 years of innovation, technical support in 212 jurisdictions and carrier of over 100 gaming licenses worldwide, obligated of securing the Games, Casinos and Clients.

The following GDPR/Privacy Policy explanation will present how our organization uses the personal data when the Client is using or is about to use The Charter App.

This explanation is for the Charter Companies, Agents, and even Clients:

How Clients receive The Charter App? (if they already carry an active booking)

If the Charter Company, providing the Vessel/Service, has an integration with the Charter Manager App, then the following process should occur to reach successful integration:

  • The Charter Company e-mail-informs the Client, or them respectful Agent, that The Charter App is available for download (FREE of charge). This will soon be an automated process via NauSYS system.

  • The Client downloads The Charter App and:

    • Creates new account (described below)

    • Activates the booking data (described below)

  • *Future bookings will receive such information automatically with bookings if NauSYS related.

To create a new account The Charter App requires the following information – for verification purposes:

  • Name (GDPR and Data system protected)

  • Email address (GDPR and Data system protected)

The step-by-step explanation of creating a new account:

  • To use The Charter App Client must create a new account with a name and email:

    • The Client must verify and confirm the provided email (to prevent scamming)

    • Upon successful verification, a unique Password is assigned (to a verified email)

    • The provided password must be changed upon log in to the application

Upon successful login, The Charter Application is EMPTY of the Booking data. At this point, App is NOT Charter integrated (*this is ONLY for login to an ‘empty’ App).

How does the Client downloads the Booking Data and connects the app to the proper vessel?

This is possible ONLY when the booking is already ACTIVE:

  • After the successful download and Login to The Charter App the client has 3 options:

    • The Client receives a Smart Link

    • The Client receives the booking QR code

    • The Client inserts the Booking Code (voucher), received at the booking

      • In this case, the Client must correctly verify two security questions related to the booking/voucher

  • After the successful download, the Client receives:

    • The Booking data – download from NauSYS

    • The Vessel Info (of the booked vessel) – download from NauSYS

    • The Inventory (of the booked vessel) – download from NauSYS

    • Video Briefing (for the booked vessel type)

    • Technical data (for the booked vessel type)

    • How-To Module (we are collecting data for each vessel)

    • Repair Module (to photo report the damage to the vessel)

    • Other educational and helpful data that is essential for a safer and faster journey through the Base and while sailing.

If your Charter Company is using our mobile platform for the Check-in, the two applications integrate; for the Check-in procedure, Damage report and Notification sharing. The successful Check-out concludes the integration.

In other words, our system communicates with Application codes and NOT with the Application carriers (we DO NOT communicate with emails, and we also do not ‘connect’ who is behind the App).

We ONLY communicate with the CODE of the Application.

The Client can also log in with Apple, Google, or Facebook account – where only the token is verified.


In addition to that, these are extra measurement we carry towards protecting your Clients:

  • We ONLY provide the monetization for products and services beneficial to Charter Companies and Clients

  • We DO NOT provide or insert Marketing, nor we ever will

  • We DO NOT and CAN NOT email offers, proformas, invoices, marketing, newsletters, discounts, promotions, or any other Charter related promotional material to ANY holder of The Charter App

  • We are bounded by many EU GDPR Laws, Terms, and Agreements to protect and secure ALL data we receive or provide

  • Each Charter Company can ONLY communicate/integrate with the Application codes assigned to them


We are offering this system free of charge based on the monetization.

We rely on YOU!

If we do not meet and satisfy ALL quality demands, security, and safety protocols, towards ALL parties involved, we will not reach our potential, nor success.

The entire Charter App system is built on collaboration between all parties.

We all play an essential part in building this neutral platform, where we are all equally responsible for its potential success or failure.

Collective participation is crucial for the system to work.

We believe this platform is an excellent addition to make the Charter destination even safer and better place to be.

If you have concerns regarding the security issues or data protection, or any other question, please contact me via email: or phone: +385 95 59 6789 2.

We might be fun and easy to work with, but we take data protection and data security very seriously!


Tom Logar, CEO

ManagerApp d.o.o.

1000 Ljubljana, Dunajska 119, SLO

We are residing at our Šibenik Base, where we’ll stay until YOU are satisfied to replace us with local representatives.

See you at the Base, Tom

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