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CMA APP – Vessel data/add pictures (dodavanje slika u plovila)

image swipe

1. Click on Check-in or Check-out module

2. Select Vessel in the top right corner.

3. Choose the Vessel > Category > Item

4. Press edit and swipe to the left

5. Take pictures

You can add/modify pictures, quantity, description, micro-location.


PORTAL – Setup your company and base

The first step of your Charter implementations is setting up your Fleet identity.

Settings > Charter companies > Edit (only Fleet Manager role can create and access the entire data)

  • Input your primary brand color
  • Add company logo
  • Insert the legal text for both Check-in and Check-out (text will be visible at the time of the signing to the client as well as on PDF report)

Settings > Charter bases (only Fleet Manager & Base Manager role can access this data)

  • Add a phone number that you wish to displayed as the contact number for your base.

PORTAL – Add your company staff/users

  • You can add new or edit existing users here. Only available to users with Fleet Manager role.
  • Email field is required, but it can be fictional for Crew and Crew with edit roles
  • Roles that can be assigned to users:
    • Fleet Manager – Web portal (admin account of your company with all edit powers)
    • Base Manager – Web portal (only has access to their assigned base) In the coming weeks, login for the portal will also be valid to access the app.
    • Crew Edit – Mobile app (can make an Inventory change as a permanent save )
    • Crew – Mobile app (can NOT make permanent save – only per Booking)
    • Owner – will become relevant with the launch of Charter Owner App

PORTAL – Add vessel/vessel data

Probably you will never use this option as are integrated from NauSYS.

To ADD a vessel go to: (only Fleet Manager role)

  • Settings, vessel builder, Add builder*
  • Settings, Categories, Add category*
  • Settings, Models, Add a model*
  • Vessels, Add vessel, and follow the creation wizard.

PORTAL – Check in/out data

Inventory is added one by one or by bulk Excel import.

For Excel import please use our pre-set options or copy/paste your data in our empty Excel Template: https://www.chartermanagerapp.com/templates/. Be careful that text is added properly, as well as languages.

Important details:

  • When adding Extras (SUP, etc.) use the category name Extras – as these items will behave differently than all others – they will be added to the check-in only if selected by staff.
  • You can only import the Excel ONE time for each vessel – then you can only modify Categories, Items! With an Excel import, you will also overite an existing (NauSYS) category/item structure.


  • View bookings detail (check-in/out report)
  • Add a non NauSYS booking (Fleet manager and Base Manager roles only)
  • *Coming soon: Edit bookings – Assign check-in estimated time and Crew for the individual check-in/out.
  • You can ONLY Delete /Edit bookings created via our Portal.
  • Copy the Client paring code:
    • send it to the client
    • make a QR code via https://www.qr-code-generator.com/ or any other
    • inform the Client to insert the Booking code and choose the marina of departure

PORTAL – Add Briefing Video

To add a a video to that will be visible in The Charter app (client application) on all bookings of selected vessel go to:

  • Vessels
  • How to
  • Paste URL to any video platform.

In case you don’t have your own walkthrough video feel free to use any of the provided videos here.

PORTAL – How to – preparation and implementation

How to for your clients can be either:

A. Created

B. Use our preset titled How to General

In order to apply a given How to go to:

  • Vessels
  • How to
  • chose How to group from drop down list (see picture from Check-in Video section of the manual)

Our preset cannot be modified or deleted.

Create your personal How to

How To – Example: Bavaria 40

Start with naming your How-to. This level is desigend to give you ability to create indivudual how to groups for each vessel. In this case each vessel type would need to have it’s own Group.

How To categories – Example: VHF Radio

Regardless if you are using our preset you can use our provided categories for your preset.

How To Content – Example: Channels To Use

When creating How to content:

  • To add a url to video write down a text Example: LINK, highlight it and then click on the chain icon (undelined red in the below picture) to add connection to outside content
  • You can freely add images via picture simbol
  • Add as many items per categorie as necesary.