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PORTAL – Setup your company and base

The first step of your Charter implementations is setting up your Fleet identity.

Settings > Charter companies > Edit (only Fleet Manager role can create and access the entire data)

  • Input your primary brand color
  • Add company logo
  • Insert the legal text for both Check-in and Check-out (text will be visible at the time of the signing to the client as well as on PDF report)

Settings > Charter bases (only Fleet Manager & Base Manager role can access this data)

  • Add a phone number that you wish to displayed as the contact number for your base.

PORTAL – Add your company staff/users

  • You can add new or edit existing users here. Only available to users with Fleet Manager role.
  • Email field is required, but it can be fictional for Crew and Crew with edit roles
  • Roles that can be assigned to users:
    • Fleet Manager – Web portal (admin account of your company with all edit powers)
    • Base Manager – Web portal (only has access to their assigned base) In the coming weeks, login for the portal will also be valid to access the app.
    • Crew Edit – Mobile app (can make an Inventory change as a permanent save )
    • Crew – Mobile app (can NOT make permanent save – only per Booking)
    • Owner – will become relevant with the launch of Charter Owner App

PORTAL – Add vessel/vessel data

The vessel data and pictures can be synchronized from NauSYS and can NOT be edited or deleted via our Portal – we sync only one way > from NauSYS – not to NauSYS.

To ADD a vessel go to: (only Fleet Manager role)

  • Settings, vessel builder, Add builder*
  • Settings, Categories, Add category*
  • Settings, Models, Add a model*
  • Vessels, Add vessel, and follow the creation wizard.

PORTAL – Check in/out data

Inventory is added one by one or by bulk Excel import.

For Excel import please use our pre-set options or copy/paste your data in our empty Excel Template: https://www.chartermanagerapp.com/templates/. Be careful that text is added properly, as well as languages.

Important details:

  • When adding Extras (SUP, etc.) use the category name Extras – as these items will behave differently than all others – they will be added to the check-in only if selected by staff.
  • You can only import the Excel ONE time for each vessel – then you can only modify Categories, Items! With an Excel import, you will also overite an existing (NauSYS) category/item structure.
  • NauSYS inventory sync must be disabled in order to import in bulk!


  • View bookings detail (check-in/out report)
  • Add a non NauSYS booking (Fleet manager and Base Manager roles only)
  • *Coming soon: Edit bookings – Assign check-in estimated time and Crew for the individual check-in/out.
  • You can ONLY Delete /Edit bookings created via our Portal.
  • Copy the Client paring code:
    • send it to the client
    • make a QR code via https://www.qr-code-generator.com/ or any other
    • inform the Client to insert the Booking code and choose the marina of departure

PORTAL – How to & Check-in Video

URL to Check-in/walkthrough video.

How-to can be selected for each vessel individually. Set up how to: Client Content, How To and Client Content How To Groups.

At this time How-to feature is not available. We will provide you with a template how-to!

APP- Vessel data/pictures

Click on Check-in or Check-out module > Select Vessel in the top right corner. Choose the Vessel > Press edit

You can add/modify pictures, quantity, description, micro-location for the default language. Editing languages (other than English) is only possible via the Portal!