Check-in Templates

Instructions and possibilities

Check-in Templates (Excel)

You can decide to create the Check-in organization, based on:

  • NauSYS synchronization
    • NauSYS category/item can be changed only in NauSYS
    • But you can ADD additional category/items/locations/descriptions via CMA Portal
  • Manual Check-in/Inventory setup (No Nausys equipment sync)
    • Create a new setup in CMA Portal (from scratch) by adding new category/items
    • Import list via Excel template (if this option is not visible contact us to disable NauSYS equipment sync first!)
    Sync or NO semi sync

    *You are not bounded by the paper size ‘real-estate’.

    Now you can create your unique organization/check-in tour.

    You can add plenty or just a few categories/Items.

    You can show every detail, like valves, pumps, locations,…or you can use the special How-To module (wi-fi free) or probably best; you can help your clients using both platforms.

    More info means: less issues, less work, less stress and much better performance, for you and your guests.


    Proper Import instructions

    Template navigation is locked for proper import

    • You can add ONLY the subject appropriate to the columns you are modifying
    • Any different setup will NOT import the list properly
    • When adding Extras (SUP, etc.) use category name Extras – as these items will behave differently than all other – they will be added to the check-in if selected.
    • Be mindful of special characters and spaces
    • You can only import items with Excel one time! All existing items will be deleted during the import.
    • The system reads ONLY next columns:
      • Category – the name of the location
      • Item – the name of the item
      • Micro location – the location description
      • Description – notes
      • Number of items – 1 or more (0 for Extras)
    Item name ENG
    Category ENG
    Category Color (hex)
    Micro location ENG
    Description ENG
    Number of items

    The above picture is English example. At the moment we offer: Croatian, Italian, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Czech, Russian, Slovak and Hungarian language.

    *Current client pre-set language is English.

    Any other text that you do NOT wish to show in the application should not be added to the template.

    PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WILL USE YOUR EXCEL IMPORT, so we can set NauSYS sync apropriately.

    Please feel free to send us your template for inspection, to: